Meeting Notes

Draft Lydney Docs notes 19.06.2012

Notes of the Lydney Docks Partnership meeting held on Tuesday June 19th 2012 at 10.00 at Lydney Town Council offices.

 In Attendance

 Hugh Beamish – English Heritage

CllrDerekBiddleLydneyTownCouncil/ Lydney Area in Partnership

Nigel Gibbons -Forest of DeanDC

Bill Hobman – Lydney Area in Partnership

Roger Holmes –Inland Waterways Association

Wendy Jackson –Forest of DeanDC

Mike Johnston Glos. Harbour Trustees

Kathy Kilby-Lydney Yacht Club

Rob Millar Environment Agency (Chair)


 1.             Welcome and introductions

 The Chair welcomed partners to the meeting and members introduced themselves for the benefit of new attendees.

 2.             Apologies

 Apologies were received from Dane Broomfield, John Powell.

 3.             Membership and Objectives of the Partnership

 RM gave a brief history of the group and why there had been a significant break from meetings and the reasons behind commencing them again.

RM requested suggestions for potential members the group and suggestions as to the overall membership of the group going forward in order to ensure the correct organisations and people were included.

The following were suggested:

ForestofDean Railways, RYA, Canals and Rivers Trust (new name for British waterways)


4.             Maintenance and potential works to the Harbour

 RM explained the maintenance now fell under a different function with the EA.

However the EA still paid LTC to subcontract the grass cutting and litter collection and paid a contractor directly re dog waste collection.

 The EA maintains all other aspects of the harbour and will continue to do so. Especially in light of the Harbour remaining upon English Heritage at risk register with a grading of “medium in danger of decline”

It was reported that in addition to the normal ongoing maintenance and repair to the navigation and flood structures, recently funds were secured to carry out works to the Mortuary, install new fences between the yacht club and harbour adjacent to the estuary and install anew security gate and install new modular pontoons.

EA is currently seeking funds to carry out repairs to the outer gate and the conversion of the Mortuary into Public Toilets.

LAiP are in the process of obtaining quotes from local contractors.

RH questioned the new security gate arrangements for access and also in the future should the ownership and control of the harbour change to another body.

 RM explained that the gate was there simply to allow and necessary maintenance to the car park and road to be carried out and that it would remain open and have the same arrangements as the existing gates meaning those need g access such as yacht club members would have a key and  disabled and pedestrian access being constant.

This agreement would be part of any future agreement with any new body controlling the harbour (see item 5)

Action: DB to obtain quotes from local contractors RM identify potential sources of funding

 5.             Future ownership of the harbour

 RM explained that as part of the ongoing navigation review programme, under the direction of Defra, the EA is instructed to examine the future of all harbours in our control, and therefore are exploring potential options which would allow the operation ofLydneyHarbour to pass to another body. This would help ensure the longevity and integrity of the harbour, in addition to securing the enjoyment of the amenity and environment for future generations.

RM explained that it was as had always been intended that a Non Profit Making Trust should be promoted as a potential vehicle for progressing this.

However due to the potential future liabilities and financial position, the list of potential bodies willing to take over those was a very short one indeed.

EA were still awaiting the legal go ahead to commence the marketing of the harbour and if and when this came the partnership would be fully involved in all aspects of the public relations.

RM assured the partners that a key aspect if any future potential transfer would be to ensure that the integrity of the harbour remained and public access and the benefits of it as a local amenity including the yacht club were legally secured.


6.                   Ownership of Pine End Works

 RM informed the group that this was obviously a commercially sensitive subject and as such much information was commercially confidential.

However the ownership and potential future developments of the site is key to any future ownership and regeneration of the harbour.

It is however public knowledge that an offer for the derelict site has been accepted subject to contract and it is hoped that this will complete over the next month and the potential new owners have asked to meet with the ea to commence discussions as to the future development of the site and adjoining areas.

RM stated that as soon as any definitive information was confirmed he would inform the group and it was hoped that the partnership would be able to work with the new owners in a constructive and positive way.


Action: RM to keep LHP informed of developments and implications


 7.                   Update on Lydney Yacht Club

 KK gave a comprehensive update upon the club and its future intention of developing a teaching block and becoming more cruising focussed subject to future elections of officers.

As part of this they are part of the RYA improvements scheme and will be applying for grants associated with the programme of works and intended development which should hopefully see not only an increase in membership but a change in the demographic.

Particularly in respect of lowering the average age of the members!

This coming weekend also sees the 50Th anniversary of the club with the associated boats visiting and various stalls and try sailing schemes being on site for both days.

Remember your oilies!!


Action: For Information



 8.                   Any other business

 NG informed the group that they were in the consultation period of the Lydney Area Action Plan which should be in place by spring of 2104 and welcomed any input from the members’ organisations.

BT informed the group that LTC were on the verge of agreeing access for a public footpath along the shore of the estuary on thelandofLydney Estateswhich is commonly known as “The Tack” which was welcomed by the group.


Action: RM to identify makers of existing signs to be used on the Tack for continuity


 9.                   Date of next meeting

 Normally quarterly but in light of the impending news regarding Pine End Works and ownership of the Harbour RM will contact the group once any decisions confirmed.


Action: RM to circulate date of next meeting once decided





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