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It is the intention of the LAiP board to put in an “Expression of Interest” regarding a possible purchase of the Docks/Canal complex incase the two current applicants both fail in their applications or withdraw. As has been mentioned in our January press release,  there is a strong body of local and wider public opinion which believes that the Docks should remain a public asset, operated for the benefit of  maritime users, mooring holders, local landbased recreational users, educational groups et al.

Update April 24th  2016

Well –  we are still being promised by the EA that an announcement will be made in the next week or so regarding the potential ownership of the docks.  Situation normal, one might say!!

Since our last update, there have been a number of burglaries on yachts moored in the Harbour. The EA have declared that they have neither money nor inclination to improve security by means of cameras or lights, so boat owners and the Yacht club are co-operating on improving security in that respect. In future it could well  be a case of  “Smile Mr  Thief, you’r on TV” – as well as certain other steps being taken to make a recurrance less likely.

DOCKS “OWNERSHIP”  update 1st July 2016

Well, we now know that Mr Richard cook is the preferred bidder for the docks and detailed negortiations are now taking place between the EA and Mr Cook. There is to be a meeting of LCCT (Lydney Coastal Community Team) on September 6th at the Town Hall, where Mr Cook is expected to reveal his plans for the Docks. Further details and comment will be posted here as available.

Kathy kilbey, Chair LAiP  1.7.2016


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