17th October 2012

Drat Notes of the Lydney Area in Partnership

Annual General Meeting

Held at 7pm on Wednesday, 17th October 2012 in Naas Lane Community Centre, Lydney, Gloucestershire, GL15 5AT


AGM open 7pm

Present: Bill Hobman, Val Hobman,  Derek Biddle, Brian James, Sally McGoon,

Oma Watkins, Robin Warren, Bob Turner, Sheila Berryman, Bob Berryman,

Dave Cooksley, Stephen Sayers, Dave Street, Roger Holmes, James Bevan, Stephan Sayers, Graham Long, Harry Jenkins, Graham Long, Lydney Town Council representative. [20]

Walter Owen, Kate Wyatt, Nigel Gibbons – observe

The meeting was declared quorate and preceded.

Apologies: Harold Symonds, Judith Jenkins, John Thurston, Mrs Warren, S. Gatfield, Paul Barnett, J. Watergrove, Brian Thomas, Peter Adams,

Dirk Rohwedder

 Approval of 2011 AGM minutes

Minutes were proposed RH and DB seconded motion passed

Matters arisen – none therefore closed  

 Chairman’s End of Year Report – Bill Hobman

Last year Lydney Area in Partnership followed up and discussed a number of issues that are important to the future development and improvement both of the wellbeing of the people of the Town and surrounding areas, as well as the way forward for the structure of the town its self.

1/ One issue was Lydney Railway station, its use, parking facilities, safety crossing of both traffic and pedestrian.

2/   The harbour area, together with improvement at the docks and the derelict industrial site and how better use of the whole area can be achieved.

3/   The partnership also continue to explore the generation of power from both hydro and wind, as with the other item more details can be given by the individual member who were working on the item for the community.

My thanks must go to you the committee and officers for their continued support, attendance and work through the last twelve months, I feel our combined effort together with other committed organisations that are working for the benefit of the Lydney and the surrounding area will help to make a difference.

Chairman’s report proposed RW and DC seconded

All those in favour show of hands 2/3 present

 Treasurers Annual Report – Roger Holmes

The LAiP Board of Trustees at its meeting held on 20th April 2011 resolved to dispense with an external accountant to prepare its Financial Report for the Year Ended 31 March 2011 given the level of transactions during the period 1 April 2010 to 31 March 2011 and LAiP’s current financial position.

 The Report for the Year Ended 31 March 2012 has been prepared by LAiP’s elected Treasurer who has maintained the accounting conventions applied since the inauguration of the Partnership to sustain consistently. Financial statements within this Report comprise the Profit and Loss Account, the Balance Sheet and related notes.

 The Committee Members’ Report which is included at page 3 acknowledges the responsibility of the Board to ensure that proper accounting records are maintained and that the financial statements are consistently prepared to fulfil LAiP’s duties under Industrial and Provident Society Law.  

 Under its rules, LAiP is exempt from the statutory requirement for an audit of the financial statements for the year. A full audit has not therefore been undertaken, however, in producing this Report the daily accounting records have been scrutinised and in my opinion this Report provides a true and fair view of the financial affairs of the Partnership for the year ended 31 March 2012

Chairman’s report proposed SM and VH seconded

All those in favour show of hands 2/3 present

 Adoption of 2012 / 13 committee / board members

Nominations received: Derek Biddle, Bill Hobman, Val Hobman,

Roger Holmes, Sally McGoon, Harold Symonds, Bob Turner,

Hester Joubert [8]

Nominations received adoption proposed BJ and BB seconded

All those in favour show of hands 2/3 present

 Close meeting 7:19pm

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