18th July 2012

Minutes of the Lydney Area in Partnership meeting held on 18 July 2012 at 7pm Naas Lane Community Centre

Present: Derek Biddle, Bob Garside, Brian Thomas, Bill Hobman, Jeanette Witheridge, Roger Holmes, Kate Wyatt Bob Turner

Apologies: Val Hobman, Hester Joubert, Harold Symonds

1.Minutes of meeting held 18 April 2012- accepted as a true copy

2. Matters arising – not on agenda – Item 6 on-going. Where does liability is for accident which would happen by child crossing the time because bridge is out of action. Query to be taken further. Bill Hobman to contact Fairfield. Action passed to Council. Should estimate be sought to replace bridge. 2a officers report – AAP meeting – Bill Hobman and Derek Biddle attend – pushing for junction at Bream Road, air pollution is bad there. Possible compulsory purchase of land at the Rail Station for additional car parking, there is no additional funding at present. County Council could find money from Lydney Transport and make this available. Who owns space at railway station? – Either County or District Council – land still owned by network rail. Further inquiries re land ownership necessary / also length of leases . Conflict on-going re Lydney Neighborhood Plan 15 year plan . Less torturous route needed for access to the Industrial Estate – leisure corridor could be a possibility.

3. Lydney Docks Partnership Meeting Report – work report – by Environmental Agency. Pine End – under offer to consortium from North but not interested in using docs – decision awaited. Docs to be disposed of by 2016, it will be very difficult to find a buyer. Maybe offered to People of Lydney in future. Difficult to raise revenue to cover up-keep . If not sold Environmental Agency still have responsibility for docs. DB to get estimates for the cost of toilets in the old morgue – £45K available which will probably be available. Footpath – tack, agreement with land owners, still need agreement on payment for signs styles and gates. Possibly funding available re health funding for e.g. walking group . Open days at docs very successful especially church service.

4. Lydney Railway Station Passenger and Rail Service Improvements – rail service – significant increase in passengers. Barrier control – from Cardiff make accident likely. Underpass – little bit of excavation could be safe walk through once more. Make it safe cheaper alternative than making a foot bridge. On grounds of health and safety appeal i.e. – the under pass. Town and district councils will help. Could FOD ‘Transport Champion’ help? Bus service – not proper connection or coordination . Could it be made more useful – routes are being looked at. Could we re-start Dail-a-Ride service or more effective routes? Investigate lack of bike storage at station.

5. Upper Forge & New Mills Preservation – DB little to report – no planning needed to repair bridge, will be a bid to heritage lottery. Lydney park estate offered it to council but could revert to them – note that it is a public footpath (could become a tourist path). Mills Ponds – access needed to restore them, on-going.

6. Localism NDP Consultation Program – learning from mistakes of front runner of National Development ……… Planning . Need evidence of ideas etc. link with consultation of air quality.

7. Financial statement – book account to be changed

8. Date of next meeting / AGM – 10th October 2012 – 7pm – community center

Hester Joubert Secretary Lydney Area in Partnership c/o 12 Mercian Way Sedbury Chepstow NP16 7AP Tel: 07581 882488

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