24th April 2013

Minutes of the Laip meeting held on

Wednesday April 24th 2013 at 7pm

Lydney Community Centre

Naas Lane Lydney GL15 5AT

1.      Present: Derek Biddle, Bill Hobman, Val Hobman,

Roger Holmes, Bob Turner, Sally McGoon,

Harold Symonds, Hester Joubert

In attendance: Eric Whitridge, Sue Pierson, en Cooksley,

Gill Cooksley, Peter Street, Brian Thomas

Apologies:  Kate Wyatt

2.      Minutes of meeting held Jan 9th 2013–signed as a true copy
3.    Matters arising:  Lydney Docks Partnership

Brian Bennett has interest in the docks and wants community involvement.

Cooks Fishery has problems at Chaxhill and have expressed an interest; but not in joint management.

Docks yacht club would help and are in favour of local initiative but there are huge financial implications

Environment Agency [EA]  the current owners has to be involved  in future flood defence by maintenance of the inner lock gates and the weir. 

Members present voiced concerns such as)- Could the  community be more proactive?  

Can it be seen in isolation?  

 What about the Harbour Road  industrial estate , should they be involved  ?   

There is a road needed from the bypass to industrial estate. What has Brian Bennett in mind, agreement to invite him to a future meeting?  

LAiP needs wide community support?  

Pine End site and field at the back has been sold to Cooks. There is no info on their plans, wait for planning application.

4.      Lydney Railway Station- There’s lot of people using the station and Network Rail knows that Lydney Station car park needs to expand, but this will not be free. There is a similar scheme at Taunton.  Dept. of Transport  have finance to improve stations, but need  a master plan of whole station on improvements , together with wide spread support from public and all agencies involved in project. MC ascertain lowering of the underpass and making it safe for pedestrians .  We need a footbridge over the track, but at the estimated cost of £1millon pounds is not the priority after larger car park, station passenger cover.  Minutes of the Lydney Station Improvements meeting are available on request, Chairman asked that Bob Garside is included in the in any future meetings as his input as a regular train user could prove invaluable.

 Ticket machine is to be installed.  Lydney Town Council seeking to install Welcome to Lydney signs and  maps  local taxis information  

There are bus route improvements, 4 more buses will be going to the station.  

Currently there are 75 car park spaces and they counted 90 cars parked there recently.

Mark Harper is on-board.  

The lights on the crossing are very bright they need to be re-angled.  Forest of Dean Railway has plans for a visitor centre at Lydney Junction.

5.      Upper Forge – There is one company interested  in undertaking survey of bridge, building and New Mills Dam . The  Forest of Dean Council Officers are supportive but do not have any money. 

 Ramblers bridge has planning permission to  go ahead. 

 Walkers are welcome – Kate Wyatt testing enthusiasm, community support which is needed  for registration .  Mr W need hotels and local businesses on board. Meeting on 2nd May at the council offices for walkers.

 On the 1st June there is an open day at community centre; walkers are welcome will have a display, also at the Docks Festival on June 15th.  Lydney walker’s handbook is almost ready for reprint, there is one minor delay. 

6.      Financial statement – LAiP did not receive any income in accounts for last year. LAiP made a loss of £188.  LAiP still have some funds in bank account. Saving made on bank charges by changing to co-op bank. The audit accounts are to be signed at AGM.

LAiP would have been liable for cooperation tax on the £2k from Forest of Dean Council for Lydney Walkers are Welcome Group. 

LAiP is registered with FSA, but not with charities commission.  It was agreed to seek cost of registering as a charity.  Pro’s and con’s to be looked at. This is to be put on agenda for AGM.

7.      Any other business  – none
8.      Date of next meeting   –   to be confirmed

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