9th January 2013

Lydney Area in Partnership Meeting

Wednesday Jan 9th 2013 at 7pm

Lydney Community Centre

Naas Lane Lydney GL15 5AT


  1. Present: Derek Biddle [DB], Bill Hobman [BH], Val Hobman VH],       

Roger Holmes [RH], Hester Joubert [HJ], Bob Turner [BT],                 

Sally McGoon[SM]

In attendance: Kate Wyatt [KW], John Thurston [JT],                 

Christine Thomas [CT], Brian Thomas [BT], Peter Street [PS]

Apologies: Harold Symonds, Ruth Bonsor LTC


  1. Minutes of meeting held Oct 17th and July 18th 2012–signed as a true copy


  1. Matters arising: John Thurston from Lydney expressed an interest in developing Lydney retail sector. How can we attract retailers to Lydney? There is a lot of organisation like the LAiP, how do they interlink with each other and work together? Development of town square can attract retailers to Lydney. Lydney has fantastic green spaces which is attractive to visitors. There are concerns for public services. How do we raise Lydney’s profile? Lydney would like to keep its hospital and more health services needed. Lydney hospital trusts concerns. Lydney has rail, sea and road access, which is not all used. Lydney needs a voice promoting the town. LAip focus on regeneration, work with LTC promoting Lydney.

DB – Jump Box bid has been submitted to Biffa Awards-Royal Society of Wildlife Trust


  1. Lydney Docks Partnership Dec 4th. 2012 Meeting Report – Dredging canal can be done which will allow for movement right up to the railway where a yeti bus can be can be put in place, Rob Millar is bidding for this; in 2015 the environmental agency will dispose of the docks. Lydney Canal Trust should be set up to take on responsibility. Brian Bennett is interested in Lydney docks ‘if’ community group is set up to run the docks who has access to funding needed to maintain the docks. Who owns Plumbers Brook it, is badly overgrown and water is overflowing?  The rights of way-flooded, it is a flood plain – so cannot do much about it. One gate is not working at the Docks; estimated at £250k to put right.  The gates have only been there 10 years.  There is some scaffold up at docks for some work on a broken mechanism.  DB and Rob Millar Environmental Agency update with docks meeting minutes.


  1. Lydney Railway Station Passenger and Rail Service Improvements; [BT] reports that passengers have increased by 110%, 250 people using Lydney station daily. Railway fares have gone up by 6% to Gloucester and 5% to Newport/Cardiff; not 4% as promised.
  • Footbridge is urgently needed or clearing of the underpass to provide safe passage across the railway tracks. A fence has been put on top of stone wall.  People/children are crossing the railway track daily; an accident expected.  Footbridge will cost approx. £450k; LAip urgently address this matter with Mark Harper MP. Access to the underpass has been locked. Safe underpass access to be investigated  Action: BT
  • Council hope to put a ‘welcome to Lydney’ sign up at the station.
  • BH- Electrification of the tunnel going ahead under the river seven, there are serious risks involved; the tunnel has been leaking water since being built.
  • BH – A bridge is needed instead across to Sharpness from Lydney, there are cost implications recognised.


6. Upper Forge – The funding application for the feasibility study to help preservation has been unsuccessful. Action: DB write letter to Robert Franklin from Seed Corn. Ask Lydney Park Estate for help with survey to take this forward.

New Mills – could be done reasonably. Hydro scheme

FOD Landscape – ramblers bridge going ahead at upper forge

Footpath in Pillowell – project is going ahead


  1. Welcome to Walkers Meeting Report Welcome to Lydney – [KW]     Lydney walkers booklet – LAip should visit Ross soon to see their scheme.

Paula Burrows has made £2k available to the partnership to spend by end of March 2013, LAip project lead on this. LAip could use money towards reprint of the booklet. Formal endorsement to take lead on this has been proposed by BH and seconded by BT. The current booklet needs updating and Peter Street agreed to help, this could be done in time. Peter will add a tack and Aylburton walk, an extra page to be added.  LAip will receive 4% repayment.  More signage is needed to get people to Lydney docks.

Action: Peter liaises with KW.   DB & KW update members


8. Localism NDP Jan 11th. 2013 Meeting – Mark Harper MP 6:30pm at

    Town Hall, Mark will answer John Thurston’s questions


9. Financial statement – [RH] Co-op bank account is open, no bank charges.

LAip annual costs reduced to: FSA fee £55pa, HMRC corporation tax, venue hire for meetings, AGM postage, stationary, photocopies.

£1775 bank balance; Annual accounts logged with HMRC tax return;

Annual return logged with Financial Services Authority.


10. Any Other Business – [DB]

* 17th annexe – anti nuclear power station development

* Renewable energy – draft paper produced and this need to go through     

   the town council to become council policy.

* By 2020 electricity to be sourced from green energy solar this needs to

   be to be looked at in future.


11. Date of next meeting   –   2 or 3 months’ time to be confirmed

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